Developing The Whole Child

Mission Statement

In partnership with home and community, and within the context of the Cree Culture, it is our mission to develop all students to their individual potential academically, athletically, politically, creatively, and socially. 

Belief Statement
  • We believe that respect establishes a harmony within the community and a nation and create a balance within the universe.
  • We believe that experience is the best teacher. We believe that spirituality is a path that guides us in our lifelong journey.
  • We believe that everyone has freedom of choice.
  • We believe that humbleness and respect are necessary to attain knowledge, peace of mind, and freedom.
  • We believe that all individuals are capable of success by striving to achieve their goals and to fulfill their potential in life.
  • We believe that learning encompasses four areas of balance personal growth: the mind, the heart, the body, and the spirit.
  • We believe that each person is born with a gift, and the purpose in life is to develop and use that gift to serve his or her fellow human beings.
  • We believe that each individual should respect to all living things.
  • We believe that spirituality is an integral part of education and every aspect of an individual's daily activities.
  • We believe that maintaining one's language and culture is the key to preserving and strengthening one's identity and view of the world.